મારૂ ગોકુલધામ-તારુ ગોકુલધામ-આપણું ગોકુલધામ

Spiritual Benefactor

Shashtapeethadishwar Param Pujya Goswami 108 Shree Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshree

You are shining in the pedigree of Jagat Guru Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji the founder of Pushti Bhakti Marg (Path of Grace) as his 14th Gadipati enthroned at Shashthpeeth one of the seven thrones of Shri Vitthalnathji Gunsainji the son of Jagat Guru Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji. You are shining as the head of Shashthpeeth at Vadodara and Ahmedabad besides Temples situated at Amritsar, Jalandhar in Punjab, Gokul in U.P. Khanpur and Sherghed in M.P. and Gondal & Bariya in Saurastra. You are an inspirational and guiding force behind many social upliftment activities, a strong support for downtrodden and deprived sections of the society, a great motivation for spiritual awareness among aspiring youths through the various Service Organizations and Trust under your leadership.

Shree Vallabh Vihar Educational And Charitable Trust: Health and Educational activities focused at youth including computer education facilities for graduates and employed members of Pushtimargiya Tradition.

Shree Kalyanraiji Sarvajanik Charitable Trust-Vadodara: An Academy for research and development on manuscript preservation and interpretations. Inspire and assimilate creations of Cultural heritage in form of Devotional Art. Literature and Music by organizing camps and competitions. Under this trust, KALYANPRASAAD has been constructed in the heart of city which comprises the facilities like Medical and Health Center, Huge and Sophisticated Satsang Hall, Art Exhibition Gallery, Computer Education and Research Center, Guest House (Vishram Gruh) and Acharya Nivas etc.

Shree Pushti Prabha Memorial Trust: Scholarships for Students, Pre-board Exams, Computer Education for School Students and health & Care center for widows & mentally retarded women. Other upliftment activities like Cottage Industries for single women to make them self supportive. Apart from this carries out welfare activities like Annadan i.e. food distribution and economic helps to needy people. It also organizes not only competition of Arti, Bhajan, Garba but also prepare to attain for the competition. The trust also runs VRUDDHASHRAM called VALLABHASHRY which under take task of providing shelter to the lonely & aged people as a sacred duty towards the society.

Shree Vallabhacharya Kalyan Krupa Trust: Traditional Values Teaching Center (Sanskar Kendra), Residential School in form of Gurukul. Also various social activities and to launch relief and recue programmes during the times of natural calamities in the country. Along with Manav Kendra, Nandalaya with the divine name KALYAN PUSHTI HAVELI has been constructed auspices of the trust. It is situated near the bank of Vastrapur Lake & it is unique gift from Pushtimarg to the Mahanagar Ahmedabad.

Shree Vallabh Vadil Vihar Trust: With a main objective to provide help & assistance to the needy for all types of medical & health care, the trust started organizing various medical camps at remote locations and provided specialized treatment as recommended by doctors. The trust has started to build an old age home, with an objective to create a home away from home, where elders can live their with dignity & respect.

Shree Sarvottam Charitable Trust: With aim to impart the education to the childrens Shree Vallabh Vidhya Mandir has been constructed. The Central and noble cause behind this school is to provide the education through moral building and thus to protect our culture.

Shree Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji Navnidhi Chartable Trust (Vaman Trust) Unique activities for the public help at Bahadarpur Village and at the eastern part of Vadodara SHREE VALLABHACHARYA MAHAPRABHUJI HOSPITAL NO.1 & 2 is managed. The hospital is designed by modernization which provides various types of patient at subsidies rate. It also organizes free medical camps & free health check camps in rural as well as urban area.

VSPCA (Vadodara Society for Privations of Cruelty to Animals): It is an organization whose rescue, protect and if possible find good homes for homeless & neglected animals, We strive to offer the best I both traditional veterinary care and holistic health care for sick and injured animals.

Shree Kalyanraiji Sarvajanik Charitable Trust – Rajasthan: Under this trust, it carries out the task and activities to re-establish the significance of Vraj, Vrajvasi, Goseva and to restore the glory of VAISHNAVITE temples.

Date of Birth : 1/12/1967

Education : Basic School at Shreyas Vidhyalaya and Bhavan High School in Vadodara. Acharya in Vedant and Sanskrit Literature at Kashi and Vrundavan. Distinct Study of Grammar, Hindi Literature, Gujarati Language and Vallabh Vedant in the Educational Guidance of learned teachers including the study of Law & Treaties under the guidance of Shri Vijayaraghvendracharyaji of the Ramanujacharya pedigree. Completed details study of Computer at Bombay French Computer Education Center.

Languages Known:- Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Vraj, Marvadi, Urdu and English

Family Introduction: You are the younger son of Shri Vrajeshkumarji Maharaj with elder brother Shri Vagishkumarji & two elder sisters Su. Suchitra Betiji & Sau. Bhavan Betiji, You are happily married to Sau. Jayati Goswami and enriched with two sons-Shri Vallabh Lalji and Shri Sharnam Lalji.

Special Interest and Hobbies: You love painting and are fond of collecting antique paintings. You are proficient at playing Mrudnag (Two Sides Drums) You have also created many compositions in Gujarati, Hindi, Vrajbhasa with an inclination for Urdu Ghazals. You have to your name many sectarian articles, books & poetic compositions. You specialize in the Traditional way of Seva (Prayer) by dressing THE LORD in variety of clothes and string ornaments.

Memorable Events:

  • On 1st April 1967, you attained the Yagnopavit Sanskar.
  • On the 16th April You were enthroned as The Youngest Gadipati of the Shashrhpeeth – One of the seven Gadi’s of Pushti Sampraday.
  • In the Year 1990, you organize Pushti Vishwa Yatra and visited England, America, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada and various other parts of the World to cultivate and propagate Pushti Dharma (The Path of Grace).
  • In the Year 1992, you inspired & graced Bhagwat Saptah (Discourse on Shrimad Bhagwat Gita) at London and also presided six live shows of Mahabharata on special invitations of Shri B.R. Chopra the film maker.
  • In the year 1994, you visited Africa to create awareness about Sanatam Hindu Dharma and kindle Pushti Chetna in youngsters of Indian residing there.
  • Apart from the above mentioned landmarks, you have been continuously traveling across the Country to spread Vaisnav Sangathan (Unity among Fellowmen) and propagate Pushti Marg.
  • You are regular invitee with many social organizations including Lions Club International, Rotary, Jaycees& Others to grace and inspire various youth activities.
  • You have inspired and promoted youth forums with more then twenty six branches all over Gujarat where Spiritual Camps, Environmental Awareness Programmes, educational activities and cultural activities are conducted regularly.
  • You have accorded “Diksha” to Thousands of followers among the Pushti Margiya families who have committed their potentials towards strengthening & consolidating the Spiritual Culture as propagated by

Jagat Guru Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprahuji.

  • Jagat Guru Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprahuji. In the year 1995 as president of Shree Narhari Shatabdi Mahotsav, you arranged variety of functions for one year at Vadodara in which Shree Rameshbhai Oza’s 108 Bhagwat Shree Krushnashnkar Shashtriji’s Ramanyn Katha. Shree Yogesh Shashtriji’s Shodshgrantha Saptah and Shodashgranth Shibir.
  • Approximately fifteen thousand Vaishnav family members are working nonstop under inspiration and guidance. Apart form this you are continuously arranging educational and preaching camps on different sectarian grant has and subjects. Your only life long ambition is to do propagate Pushti Marg by continuously making all efforts without bearing its fruitfulness in mind.
  • In August 2000, you were called upon by the United Nations to take part in ‘The World Millennium Peace Summit of Spiritual & Religious Leader’s. For the first time in the history of United Nations, more then 1200 religious & spiritual leaders representing different faiths & religious gathered to resolve the global conflict. Which was accepted & applauded by all the present dignitaries. Indeed it was a matter of pride for Pushtimarg that you were the youngest religious leader called upon by UN amongst the1200 spiritual leaders.
  • After the summit. A Dharma Yatra was organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad under which you addressed the residing India Youth in New York, Charlottee, New Jersey, Orlando, Chicago, to come forward for the propagation & upliftment of the Hindu Culture & Religion. As the Chairman of Shree Vallabh Vishwa Vihar Educational & Charitable Trust, you established the International Youth Forum at various places in United States & London in which today’s youth would be encouraged towards cultural, religious & social activities and thus become a responsible part of the society.
  • In June 2001, you were felicitated by the Lokratna Sanman presented by the Uttar Pradesh Government, India, You were given the the Honors by Hon. Justice Shree P.B. Sawani, also the Chairman of Press Council of India. The other dignitaries present were Shri Pragyan Bhattacharyaji (Editor – The Times of India), Shri P.K. Vishnu (Chairman – Mathura Refinery,) Shri K.P.S. Gill (Senior IPS Officer & DGP Punjab Police), Snt, Subhashini Ali (All India Democratic Women Association).
  • In June 2002, you handed over the newly constructed “Amarapur Village” destroyed in the 2001 earthquake. The village was rename as “Shree Vallabhacharyanagar” having 180 houses (population 650) and basic amenities like Primary Schools, Medical Centre, Water Tanks, Community Hall, Panchayat Bhavan, etc.
  • In August 2002, “Vallabh Vaishnav International inc.” was established as a registered Non-Profit Organization under your chairmanship in New Jersey, USA. It centers are availed in many other countries like U.K. U.A.E., Canada and Australia within a year span.
  • You are honored Member of The General Body of Indian Council Religious Leaders, the body representing Indian Sub-continent to World Council of Religious Leaders at The united Nations, formed in September 2000 during “The World Millennium Peace Summit of Spiritual & Religious Leader’s at United Nations. New York. The Institutions seeks solutions and address the problems and conflicts prevailing at the National Level, affecting a common Citizen.”
  • The first ever Surgical camp was organized in Vadodara at the above stated hospital from 15th 21st January 2004 with the aid of World Surgical Foundation Inc. USA. The doctors team from USA performed 253 operations free of cost in 7 days.
  • In year 2006, Pushti Mangalya Mahotsav was celebrated in U.K. by International Vaishnav Youth Forum under the leadership of Maharaj Shree for completion of 100 years. During this Mahotsav different cultural programmes of pushtimarg, Bhajan, Sandhya etc, was was organized. In year 2006, Overwhelming attendance of Pujya Maharaj Shree in World Gujarati Conference – NJ on September 3, 2006 organized by AIANA.
  • Dec, 2006 Pujya Maharaj Shree was honored as “Gujarat Gaurav Award” given by Bruhad Mumbai Gujarat Samaj for his outstanding contribution in the field of Social services and in recognition of the impact made on the National & International field.